Kassiopi Village

Kassiopi, on the northeastern coast of Corfu Island, is a quaint village with a rich history and inviting Ionian charm. The precise origins of Kassiopi are lost in time, but the temple of Kassios Zeus (an Eastern God worshipped particularly in Egypt and Syria) adds to the mystery surrounding the region’s past. During Roman times, Kassiopi was a popular resort favoured by Cicero, Ptolemy and even Nero, who kept a holiday mansion here. In the medieval era, the temple of Kassios Zeus was replaced with the temple of Panagia Kassopitra, a religious sanctuary visited by Richard the Lionheart, Miguel de Cervantes and Giacomo Casanova Nowadays, the church of Kassopitra and the ruins of the Byzantine castle bear witness to the rich past of Kassiopi, welcoming visitors to this spectacular region.

Modern Kassiopi maintains its traditional charm, without compromising on modern amenities. Restaurants, cafés and bars with traditional and international cuisine offer a contemporary and traditional local cuisine, whereas its small marina is the perfect starting point for strolls around the promenade and excursions or an aperitivo at sunset.

  • Restaurants, bars, supermarkets and nightlife Kassiopi 1km (10 mins walk)
  • Tennis 5-10 mins walk
  • Shops, restaurants and bars St Stephano 5km